December 2009

Debra Auguste makes the top 50 African Americans in Technology List. See Press Release.

November 2009

Renita Horton attends the Materials Research Society meeting in Boston, MA.

November 2009

Congratulations Renita Horton for receiving the AICHE Women’s Initiative’s Committee Travel Award and for being selected on a panel Women in Engineering Graduate Student panel.

November 2009

Renita Horton and Marjan Rafat goes to AIChE Nashville, TN.

October 2009

Congratulations Rico Gunawan on your drug delivery paper in Biomaterials. This paper showed that both mobility and antibody ratios can be optimized to target inflamed endothelial cells.

October 2009

Congratulations to Jin-Oh You for your drug delivery paper in Nano Letters. This paper demonstrated the impact of ph-sensitivity and stiffness on gene delivery.

October 2009

Congratulations to Debra Auguste on the birth of Gabriella!

October 2009

Marjan Rafat and Dariela Almeda attend BMES in Pittsburgh, PA.

September 2009

Congratulations Renita Horton on your review paper in Regenerative Medicine. This paper reviewed the field of engineering cardiomyocytes from stem cell populations.

July 2009

Debra Auguste was awarded the DARPA Young Faculty Award

July 2009

Congratulations to Marjan Rafat on your microfluidic paper in Lab on a Chip. This paper demonstrated the use of magnets for the reversible adhesion of microfluidic devices.

July 2009

Congratulations Marjan Rafat for being awarded the American Heart Association Founders Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship.

May 2009

Congratulations Marjan Rafat for earning a Teaching Award for TAing ES123 Drug Delivery.

April 2009

Congratulations to Andrew Wong who will be attending Johns Hopkins’ Biomedical Engineering program.

April 2009

Congratulations Nina Han who will be attending Harvard Law School.

April 2009

Congratulations George Ye for being awarded the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Post-graduate Scholarship.

February 2009

Congratulations Debra Auguste on being awarded the Percy Julien Award.