December 2008

Danielle Raad gives a sound bite at the 37th New England Complex Fluids meeting at Harvard University.

November 2008

Jin-Oh You, Marjan Rafat, and Debra Auguste go on a roadtrip down to AIChE in Philadelphia, PA.

October 2008

Jin-Oh You, Rico Gunawan, Marjan Rafat, and Debra Auguste attend BMES in St. Louis, MO.

September 2008

Congratulations Terry Sachlos for your position in Bhatia lab at McMaster University! You will be missed.

August 2008

Congratulations to Terry Sachlos on your stem cell paper published in Biomaterials as a Leading Opinion Paper. This paper reported that diffusive transport within an EB is hindered after 3 days in culture. Transport can be improved through the use of matrix proteases..

May 2008

Congratulations to Debra Auguste on the birth of Lucas!

April 2008

Jin-Oh You goes to AIChE in New Orleans, LA.

April 2008

Congratulations Alvin Yu on getting into Harvard Medical School!

April 2008

Congratulations to ChiChi Esimai who will be going to Georgia Tech’s Biomedical Engineering program.

February 2008

Congratulations to Jin-Oh You on your drug delivery paper published in Biomaterials. This paper demonstrated the use of pH-responsive nanoparticles to trigger the release of paclitaxel with a 0.2 pH unit change.