Northeastern University     |     Department of Chemical Engineering

Our lab engineers solutions to address current challenges in medicine. We design, synthesize, and evaluate new biomaterials that change the way we deliver drugs and cells. These materials exhibit cooperative or heterogeneous features, exemplified in nature.

A central theme in our lab is understanding how local organization affects global properties. Our biologically-inspired materials illustrate this concept via assembly at two length scales:

  • Molecular (<1 μm) for Targeted Therapeutics, and
  • Cellular (>1 μm) for Tissue Architecture.

Our research exploits current knowledge of cancer and vascular biology to engineer new drug delivery and tissue engineering platforms.

September 2018
Debra Auguste elected to BMES board of directors

August 2018
Debra Auguste selected as BMES Fellow

September 2016
Debra Auguste joins the Chemical Engineering department at Northeastern University in Fall 2016 as a Professor. Read more.

June 2015
Congrats Biran for receiving $1000 CUNY Postdoc Travel Award to attend the Cancer Nanotechnology GRC.

April 2015
Congratulations to Biran Wang on his AFM paper published in Biomaterials, 1st paper made in CCNY!!.

October 2014
Debra Auguste, Peng Guo, Biran Wang, Liz Mansfield will be attending the BMES annul meeting at San Antonio, TX

May 2014
Debra Auguste will be attending the 2014 Indo-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium in Mysore, India.

January 2014
Congratulations Debra Auguste was awarded the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers(PECASE).

August 2013
Debra Auguste will be attending the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering GRC

April 2013
Welcome Daxing Liu to the group!

February 2013
Welcome Biran Wang to the Auguste Lab!

September 2012
Debra Auguste was awarded the NIH Director's New Innovator Award.

April 2012
Congratulations to Marjan Rafat for defending her PhD dissertation.

May 2011
Debra Auguste will be presenting on Tissue Origami at the 4th International Conference on Tissue Engineering in Chania, Crete, Greece.

April 2011
Congratulations Tina Tan for getting into Harvard Medical School!

March 2011
Congratulations to George Ye for winning $10,000 in the business competition Harvard i3 Innovation Challenge TECH Prize. See press release.

February 2011
Debra Auguste was awarded the NSF CAREER Award. See press release.

December 2010
Congratulations Jin-Oh You for your drug delivery review published in Journal of Biological Engineering. This review focuses on the use of bioresponsive polymers in drug delivery.

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